Whether you are trying to complete your Grandfather's coin collection that he gave you, or starting your own from square one, coin collecting can be a great hobby.Choosing what type of coins to collect is entirely up to you.Some collectors choose a certain timeframe, or denomination, or even a series within that denomination.Others choose to collect coins from a certain country or specific part of the world.You can also choose coins from a specific proof series or even specific error types.It is best to set certain boundaries on the grade of coin you will collect as well, such as all good (G) - very good (VG), or all very fine (VF) and up, or even only uncirculated coins.

Setting up these guidelines ahead of time will help you keep your focus on your collection.The coin collecting world has many coins and not knowing ahead of time what you want to focus on could leave you with a very mismatched collection.You could also spend your collecting budget very quickly on impulse buys if you are not focused, especially when attending a coin show.

It is also a good idea to spend a little time at first just browsing the market to get an idea on prices.There are several price guides that are updated yearly.It would be wise to purchase one of these prior to buying any coins for your collection.Your local bookstore and online merchants such as Amazon carry a wide range of coin collecting price books.

Once you have your reference book, make an effort to study it and know your market.Too many times a new collector can get duped into spending far too much on an over graded, counterfeit, or problem coin.

There are many places to search for coins.The most common place is eBay.Whole collections as well as single coins change hands constantly on eBay.Just as you would with any purchase, be sure to review the seller's feedback and ask any questions you have prior to bidding.It is also recommend that you purchase insurance for all coins being shipped to you as a safety against the mail getting lost.

You can also find many coin collecting clubs you can join and go to coin collecting conventions.This is a great way to meet others who are interested in your hobby as well.You may be able to trade coins and even get inside information on trusted dealers and eBay sellers as well.

Many cities and towns still have local coins shops, some may even have websites.Flea markets and live auctions are also a good source of obtaining new coins for your collection.

Getting into the coin collecting hobby is fun and also educational; a lot can be learned about a countries history through its currency.Coin collecting is also a great hobby to pass down to future generations and can also provide an excellent investment vehicle.Many coins that can be purchased today for close to face value may be worth several times more within a few decades.

Article Source: Coin Collecting Guide
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